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7 Unique Ways to Use The Left Hand Hook From The Shabby Store

7 Unique Ways to Use The Left Hand Hook From The Shabby Store

Welcome! Today we are diving into the world of versatility with one of our favorite products – the Left Hand Wall Hook. This charming (and unique) accessory isn't just a simple wall hook; it's a multifunctional gem that can transform your space in countless ways. Check out the seven creative and stylish uses for The Shabby Store's Left Hand Wall Hook.  

Link to order this hook: CLICK HERE

  1. Curtain Tieback Extraordinaire: Say goodbye to boring curtain tiebacks! Our customers LOVE using this hook as a curtain tieback.  One tieback will have to be flipped upside down if you order the hooks to be used as a set. The Left Hand Wall Hook adds a touch of whimsy to your window treatments. Simply drape your curtains around the hand, creating a unique tieback that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.                     
  2. Necklace Holder with Character: Let your jewelry take center stage by turning the Left Hand Wall Hook into a dazzling necklace holder. Arrange your favorite necklaces on the fingers for a visually stunning and organized display that doubles as a work of art.                                
  3. Towel Hook with Flair: Upgrade your bathroom or kitchen decor by using the Left Hand Wall Hook as a stylish towel holder. The hand's fingers provide convenient spaces to hang towels, giving your space a touch of character and functionality.                                                                

  4. Coat Hook with Personality: Bid farewell to mundane coat hooks and welcome a touch of personality to your entryway. The Left Hand Wall Hook serves as an eye-catching and functional coat hook, offering a playful twist to the traditional way of hanging outerwear.                                            

  5. Artwork Holder with a Twist: Transform your space into an art gallery by using the Left Hand Wall Hook as an innovative artwork holder. Showcase small framed pieces or unframed prints by hanging them between the fingers for a dynamic and ever-changing display.           

  6. Headphone Haven: Tired of untangling headphone wires? Turn the Left Hand Wall Hook into a dedicated headphone holder. Simply loop your headphones around the fingers to keep them organized and easily accessible.                                                                   

  7. Votive Holder for Ambiance: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere by turning the Left Hand Wall Hook into a votive holder. Place small decorative votive candles into the palm of the hands to add warmth and charm to any room. 


Our Left Hand Wall Hook isn't just a functional accessory; it's a canvas for your creativity. Whether you're sprucing up your curtains, organizing jewelry, or adding a touch of flair to your entryway, this versatile hook invites you to think outside the box. Elevate your decor and let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities that the Left Hand Wall Hook brings to your space.  We can not wait to see how else it can be used!




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